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  1. @ClaraCsmt if I was mcgill I wouldn't want us either anyway

  2. @ClaraCsmt @CommonWhiteGirI i can't ??

  3. @GrindrBae Petite pensee pour Rene premier du nom

  4. You're ok Time Square I guess #nyc #springbreak @ Manhattan, New York https://t.co/e4tUGXfK2X

  5. See ya in 3 weeks New York! #springbreak

  6. Dominos has a 50% off coupon on Mondays. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME

  7. I have conquered the great evil that is accounting #dsgetdegrees

  8. @ClaraCsmt y a des cadeaux de noel que j'ai tjrs pas acheté. Not ready for this

  9. @ClaraCsmt tu veux parler chat ? ❤️

  10. Love these girls ❤️ #jhma #teamdinner #missingtheboys @ Vieux-Port de Montréal https://t.co/i8ddPh4U1O

  11. Handing in my accounting final exam #tearsofjoy #itsover #unlessIfail https://t.co/47DKFaiY6j

  12. Accounting is fun, accounting is easy, I love accounting #fakeituntilyoumakeit #iwontmakeit #killmenow

  13. @ClaraCsmt #bipolairelameuf

  14. RT @Freud_is_alive: C'est pas le moment de faire éclater son emballage de Pitch en open space.

  15. I very rarely wish I didn't live abroad. Today is one of those days...

  16. Halloween is over. Here's to 2 months of endless Christmas themed everything #tistheseason

  17. Saturday night well spent ? @ N.D.G. - Montreal https://t.co/n19lmuUkaa

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